If you wanted a fresh start and gear up with good sights, potentials, and heights, living at a condominium in San Juan City is the smart choice. The Philippines is now being seen as a potential place to start your business, what better way to start it than to live in the area where the accessibility to the main roads of Manila is at your disposal.

Aside from the ideal site location, it is also good when it comes to accessibility to internet connections. San Juan City is listed to be accessible with different internet service providers such as PLDT, Bayan Telecommunications, and Sky broadband. Since most businesses require at least a 3 – 4 Mb internet speed, no better way to gain access to it than being in the place wherein there’s plenty to choose from.

According to Zipmatch, an internet speed of 8 Mb could be acquired to PLDT under a plan of ₱ 3,500 ($80) which is essential to both small and medium-sized businesses and big companies. Though plans such as these are seen to be not as reliable as they promised it to be due to the net index’s database saying that only 87% were supplied to the customers. Meaning in order to obtain a better high-speed internet connection additional cost would be unavoidable.

Now, San Juan City is being seen to be the smart city of the future for it aims to make life in San Juan more green and livable for any person. A plan named “Comprehensive Land Use and Zoning Plan for San Juan City” was formulated by Palafox Associates and Architecture. The then project would include land use, zoning, mobility, climate change adaptability and mitigation, and disaster responsiveness. The city is situated along one of the major rivers in Manila meaning floods are unavoidable.

For the mobility plan, the project will focus on the mass-transit-engaged and pedestrian-oriented which aims to give aid to the traffic congestion being experienced now. The project will lessen the use of private cars and vehicles as a mean of transportation and will then prioritize walking, biking, and public commuting more. The walkways to be created to buildings and streets to be connected to LRT stations. In addition to this, a monorail project was also seen to be a good proposal to connect various areas of San Juan to LRT stations.

A flood detection and awareness systems were included in the plans. To fully take effect of this cause, citizen involvement will be required to fully identify the areas that experience flooding and painting of flood height measurements on electric posts.

To optimize the airspace available in the area, it was settled that the air rights of the lot owners could be sold if construction of a taller structure is not in their plans.

To fully get a grasp of the future plans for San Juan City, Manila just visit here. The project would truly improve the now status of San Juan City, Manila if it ever been approved. Deciding to live in this City before the approval of the said proposal would mean lesser cost than when the changes took effect. Take the advantage and buy a condo home now in San Juan City, Manila!