An uninterruptible power supply is an electrical apparatus that is very helpful when it comes to providing emergency power when electricity fails. In the thrifty culture of the Philippines, it is but fitting to take care of this valuable equipment. It is important to follow these 5 tips in order for you to take care of this handy device:

1)      Test the Apparatus

After purchasing your uninterruptible power supply here in the Philippines, you have to test if you’ve bought the right type. There are many types of UPS in the market but be careful when choosing the voltage. Make sure that it matches the requirements of your computer desktop. Battery test it! Try it first on simple home appliances like a lamp then try it on your computer. It is important to test your device because there are many fakes in the market. It’s a way to ensure that you bought the right type.

2)      Proper Location

Be sure to keep the appliance away from dust-ridden places. Why? Dust can cause overheating due to its insulating effect. It can also spark electrical shorts. Also, make sure that its location is well-ventilated.

3)      Maintenance

Most uninterruptible power supplies nowadays usually have monitoring software that can help you detect its battery levels. Once you notice that the power level is down, recharge it at once. Without checking, you may drain your battery which would eventually make you buy a new a battery again.  Again, watch out for dust accumulation and keep a record of your appliance’s servicing so you can attend to it regularly and on time.

4)      Avoid overloading the UPS

If you’d like to increase the shelf life of your battery, make sure that you steer clear of overloading. To avoid this, you device’s power need should match the power level of the UPS. If you don’t take note of this, your battery will be drained fast!

5)      Put Safety First

It’s true that every bit of information can be found on the internet but when it comes to safety, calling a professional should be a priority. Even if you know your way around it, do not attempt to open it especially when replacing the battery.  It would be hazardous if you try a DIY on a volatile device.

Having an uninterruptible power supply here in the Philippines is very convenient since we experience frequent brownouts. Just make sure that you handle it with utmost care. If not, you might destroy this very important and useful apparatus or worse, your home appliances.