Forwarding your products does not simply end in hiring a shipping company in the Philippines and filling up the necessary details. As a business owner, you should take responsibility in overseeing the delivery of the items to your customers with minimal mistakes. Be aware of the common shipping mistakes businesses do and learn how you can avoid them.

Inappropriate packaging

Sometimes, business owners have no regard if their product’s packaging is appropriate or not. They’ll get whatever available box there is, regardless if it’s too large or too small, and stuff the items in. While this attitude gets the process done faster, it can actually cost you more than picking the proper packaging.

Choosing a bigger box for the item can double the cost of shipping, not to mention the chance of shipment damage increases. Hence, avoid incurring unnecessary costs and take the time to find the appropriate box for your goods. As a general rule, boxes should have at least 2 inches against every side according to Quint Marini, UPS Packaging Solutions package engineering manager.

Mislabeled boxes

An incorrect address, weight, zip codes and other important details can put your shipment to a stop. This can also lead to potentially costly fix. Worst, your package may even end up somewhere where it should not be.

Always make sure you are putting the right label on your packaging. Take time to check such details, especially the address and the zip code before turning the goods into your chosen shipping company. Even a single mistake in the address can pose you some serious problems.

Blank dimensions package

Business owners often leave the dimensions of the package blank without knowing that it can incur additional shipment costs. In some cases, it even slows down the delivery for small carriers.

Keep in mind that some carries do not base the shipment fees on the package’s weight alone. Some are charging the goods based on the dimensions of the package. For instance, the Postal Service’s dimensional (DIM) weight pricing may apply if your package is larger than one cubic foot, as they based the cost on the package’s length, height and width. Hence, it is important to include the dimensions when shipping.

Knowing these mistakes should not only help you ensure your goods is being delivered properly but even lower the costs incurred by your shipping company in the Philippines. It is only important that you pay these your attention and avoid committing them the next time you’re sending your goods to your valued customers.

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