Selling jewelleries nowadays has taken into a whole new playing field. Everyone is trying out different strategies in order to sell. To further help you with your retail jewel business, here are mix and match ideas to style your bling to capture anyone.

What you will need:

  • A hand mannequin or better yet a life size one
  • Lots and lots of jewels which can be bought from a wholesale UK jewellery supplier or just from your regular bling store.

One Focal point

Keep in mind that over exaggeration is a no no in fashion. Best to take it simple and one standout at a time. No need to over accessorize just like this fashion blogger, Sincerely Jules, who makes people look at your time while being accentuated with slim bracelets with matching tones.

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Metals on metals

Who said having an eye for something metallic is bad. Have the ability to match metal on metal by keeping in mind on the rule of thumb of one centerpiece and a few complimenting pieces. Be sure to get colorized by matching different colors like gold, silver, platinum, or even rose gold.

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Stacking and Layering

This is basically what we did on two mentioned above. Stacking is layering pieces of any jewellery but mostly seen on rings since no rules prohibit you to stack your rings.

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Just combine your best big bling and compliment it with small pieces or combine different small pieces and make it work. Be sure to never go full bejeweled else it will be heavy on the eyes.

Same color scheme

It is ideal to have one selected color of choice and be cohesive for the rest of the jewels.

gold on gold
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One good example would be with metal bling. Best to accessorize with gold on gold and silver on silver. But if you want to play on colors and daring just be sure to keep them even or add in other accessories like beads or gems.

Pearls with metal

If styling it up with metal does not do, adding in some pearls would add a regal look on your get up.


pearls and metals
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Nothing ever goes wrong with pearls. As said by Veronica Lodge, Riverdale,”I swear it on my mother’s pearls.” Because those circle product of clam shells are really something.


These are just some trendy ideas to style up your wholesale jewellery from a UK supplier and flaunt it on your window store to attract customers of all ages.