In this day and age, earrings play a major role on styling up your look from the favored balanced look to a non-identical get-up. And going straight up to a wholesale jewellery store to buy one should not be a hard decision.

The more people tend to move forward in style the more they get creative and a monotonous aesthetics is considered to be out-of-style in today’s generation. So before we were taken over by the glamorous promise of an embellished, tasseled earring lets you have a look back of how it became as famous as it is now.

A favored ornament by Men

In the old days which dates back to 7000 years ago. Earrings are seen to be a sign of wealth in places such as Asia, Egyptians, and Assyrians.

Signifies a boy’s bloodline

In the older days, a boy with a pierced ears signifies a much deeper meaning wherein if the left ear was pierced the boy was a child of a single mother whose husband was killed. On the right meaning the only boy in the family. And if both ears are pierced the boy is the only hope for prolongings the family’s bloodline which will then be regarded by their relative to give their utmost attention to protecting the boy.

Signifies slavery

In some parts of the world, earrings were a sign of being enslaved. Slaves wore earrings to be shamed with their social status.

The earrings went out of style for a moment

It was in the Middle ages where the hype for earrings was taken over by gigantic hats. This look was mostly favored on the European side. As well as towering wigs and collar which when mixed would be a fashion catastrophe.

The return of the Earrings

In the 17th century, earrings made a come back into the vogue seen with a more luxurious feel being paired with a well-heeled style of a lady.

It then went to hiding and came back strong

The then earrings were overshadowed by face-hugging bonnets. In 1900 made a comeback which has been a permanent stay in the fashion industry. The style focused on complimenting the face shape of a person.

The best go to style is the style that best compliments your features.

  • If you opt to make your face and neck be the focus area of a person’s gaze wearing long earring would surely do the trick.
  • If your face happens to be more on the angular side, softening them through the use of round or oval earrings would be a go to style.
  • For long shaped faces, best to go with small round earrings which lessen the focus on your face shape.
  • For the squared-shape face, they should opt for the long and dangling earrings.
  • For small features’ faces, best to accentuate it with large earrings to give depth on your features.

Remember: Never go massive on massive. Never mix large earrings with necklaces because fashion police will definitely arrest you.

The idea of an earring is to make your features be complimented well and have that right feel to make you feel right.

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